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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Sons of Thomas Nathaniel Edwards and Isabella Downing now covered are:
Robert, Joshua, Leonard, Martha and Soloman see Tree Three.
William Edwards b9/4/1720 married 1 Sarah Hilliard on 9/10/1747 b1710 d1784 and child John Jackson Edwards b1750 in Baltimore.
Or the same William is also shown as marrying Polly Cramer on 5/8/1747. This is doubtful and therefore needs checking. Also they are shown as having a child, Joseph being born in 1742, which is 5 years before the marriage, which is very unusual I that day.
However for the record the children are.
Joseph Edwards b1742 married Hannah b1742. Child is James b16/4/1765 d11/8/1825 Warren, OH,USA married Elizabeth Stooky.
Children are 1.James Edwards b17/8/1789 in Elizabeth, NJ. D11/10/1866. Married Martha Manning b10/11/1791 d9/4/1834. Child is Lewis b9/3/1812 in Green, OH, USA married Jane McCelland. Child James Manning b11/10/1834 d27/5/1883.2.William Edwards b16/1/1792.3. Sally Edwards b5/5/1794. 4.Hannah Edwards b5/4/1796.5. Benjamin Edwards b15/9/1798 d29/8/1865 married Elizabeth Chesnut b22/5/1801 d12/3/1887 Child Elizabeth Betsy b16/6/1827 in OH, USA. 6. Joseph b2/1/1802 7.Martha b10/10/1805.
Marty Edwards b15/4/1750 d1781 married Mills Nevel Drury Child is Priscilla Drury b1805
Jesse Edwards b3/4/1754 d2/11/1856 married Catherine Skilman or Beekham. Child is Elizabeth b14/10/1781
Drucilla Edwards b4/3/1755 d18/9/1841 married John Jones on 26/12/1798
James Edwards b1759 d1816
Peter Edwards b3/6/1760 d5/9/1840 married Rhoda Clark. Children are John, Jesse b1781 and Mary b1789.
Robert Edwards b1776 d 1802
Spencer Edwards b1780 d1860 married Katy Riddle child is Elizabeth b1819
Possible additional wife is or more likely to a different William Edwards is Jane Taylor. Children are Simon b1752 and William b6/5/1757.

Thomas Edwards b7/7/1723 d1756 or 30/1/1791 Hampshire, VA, USA married Margaret Elizabeth Nichols b1727 in Glamorgan d8/5/1757 Hampshire, VA, USA. Children are 1. Robert b1743 in Flintshire, Wales d16/5/1782 in Rowan, NC, USA married Elizabeth Crawford ,children are Rebecca b1763, Joseph b 1764, John Crawford b 4/4/1765, Ruben Nathaniel b 16/5/1768 in SC, USA.
2. William b1745 in Culpepper, VA, USA d1829 married Ester O’Quin b1774 children John b1750 and Ambrose b1755
3. Judge Thomas b10/10/1747 married Mary Ann McClanahan 8 children plus more on one world tree.
4. Solomon b1749 5. Sarah b1750 6. Andrew b1752 7. Francis b6/5/1757 in Culpepper.
Married 2 Mars Hiatt in 14/9/1758 b1728 d1786

John Edwards b1727 in Edwards Hall d16/3/1801 Greenville, Pitt, USA married 1 Henrietta Ayres in 1748 at Sherbourne, Rutland, VT.
b1728 or 1731 d1769 Children are 1. Martha b25/3/1752 in Fauquier, USA 2. Joseph b1/2/1754 also in Fauquier 3. Samuel b15/12/1755 in Edwards Hall Cardiff 4. John b5/7/1757 in Anson, USA 5. Elizabeth b5/9/1758 in Wales 6. Mary b1/4/1760 in Fauquier. 7. Thomas b10/4/1762 Cople, USA 8. Sarah b14/3/1765 and 9. William b 10/2/1768 in Culpepper.
Samuel Edwards b 5/12/1755 in Edwards Hall dMarch 1790 in Northampton, USA married Mary Martha Sikes b1752 d1817.
All children born in Northampton, Mary b1768, Samuel b1770, John b1772, William b1774, James b1778, Kinchen b1780, Collen b1782, Dempsey b 1784, Micajah(Michael) b1786 and Willis b1788.

Jacob Edwards b1729 Glenmorganshire d12/3/1780 Livingston, NJ, USA married Effie Spears 1n 1749. Children are John b9/12/1749, Gilbert b22/12/1750, Joseph b1751, Thomas b1753, Uriah b 21/3/1754, Aaron b 28/7/1756, Moses b 28/7/1756, Mary bAug 1759, Nathaniel b31/8/1761 and Jacob b20/8/1763.

Joseph Edwards b1730 d1794 married Mary Ann b1735 Children are Sarah b1753, Jarret b1756, Jessie b 1757, Joseph b1759, John b1761, Peter b1763, Sturton b 1767 and Mary Ann b1770.


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