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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

EDWARDS TREE THREE Edwards to USA 1690 to 1800

This is the part that probably refers to the Edwards tale of Millions.
It refers to a Robert Edwards who emigrated from Wales to New York sometime between 1740 and 1748. He travelled with his brothers Joshua, John and Jacob.
Robert Edwards purchased 77 acres of land and leased them to the Wardens of Trinity Church in 1778 for 99 years. Robert did not marry and died on his way back to England in a storm. His possessions were passed onto his brothers. But let us continue from tree two and:
Thomas Nathaniel Edwards b14/10/1690 in Edwards Hall d2/11/1781 in New York.
Married in 1714, Elizabeth Downing b1692 d1783 in Port Savannah, GA, USA. Their children are Robert b24/2/1716, Joshua b12/3/1718, William b9/4/1720, Thomas b7/7/1723, Leonard b20/5/1725, John b1727, Jacob b1729, Joseph b1730, Martha b24/11/1731 and Soloman b1732
Robert Edwards b24/2/1716 d1788 Captain in Royal Navy or Buccaneer! The wardens of Trinity were John and George Crugar. Robert lived in the USA for many years, with his brother John.
The land purchased is probably the same as passed down via his father Thomas and his father Robert.
Joshua Edwards b12/3/1718 in Wales d1823 Halifax, NC, USA. Married Rebecca Ward b1725 in Glen Morganshire d1790 in Halifax.
Children are Thomas b5/8/1755, James b23/8/1757, John b17/10/1759, Jane b12/8/1763, Isabella b11/2/1766, Isaac b22/5/1768, Jacob b17/11/1770, Joshua b20/3/1773 and Nathan b30/12/1778
William Edwards b9/4/1720 in Glen Morganshire d30/6/1801 in Gallahn, KY, USA. I have 4 or 5 more generations of this tree.
Married 1 Sarah Hilliard and married 2 Polly Cramer plus maybe Jane Taylor.
Thomas Edwards b7/7/1723 d1756 or 30/1/1791. Married Margaret Elizabeth Nicholls b1727. Again I have 3 or 4 generations, including a Judge Thomas Edwards!
Leonard Edwards b20/5/1725 in Wales d3/5/1795 drowned in USA. Married Elizabeth Alice Nightingale b1724 d1816. Child James b1748 in New York.
John Edwards b1727 in Edwards Hall d16/3/1801 in Greenville, Pitt, USA. Married in 1748 at Sherburne, Rutland, VT Henrietta Ayres b1731 d1769. Again 3 or 4 generations which will be depicted on EDWARDS TREE FOUR.
Jacob Edwards b1729 in Wales d12/3/1780 in Livingston, NJ, USA. Married Effie Spears and 10 children onto Tree Four

Joseph Edwards b1730 in Saint Mary’s, MD, USA d1784 or 1794.
Married Mary Ann but I have 2 lines of children to check.
Martha Isabelle Edwards b24/11/1731 d1799 married Thomas Nathan Wilson b1728 d1794 and possibly John Brown.
Another husband could be John Dawson whose descendants were Randolph then Manley Dawson then Mary Lou Crewe, who has notes on web.
Soloman Edwards b1732 d1765 no more records


Blogger Marie said...

Hi Nicholas,

I have recently been given family documents regarding my association to the 'Edwards Millions' via Robert Edwards, his son Thomas Edwards, and his son Thomas Dowley Edwards, of which the deeds to the land in New York were in his possession. I am trying to figure out the correct dates from your information, and marry this up with US newspaper reports from the late 1890s and early 1900s which indicate that my Robert Edwards was an uncle to his nephew of the same name Robert Edwards. I am trying to determine the link as to how the nephew Robert obtained the deeds to lease the land to the Trinity Church in 1778, when the deeds themselves eneded up with my forebears by the name of Thomas.... trying to figure out why Robert would have willed his estates to his nephew and not his son?

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